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Jumper 2? It's being talked about

HaydenChristensen.jpgAccording to Hayden Christensen there's talk about a second Jumper (Filmstalker review) film, but it does sound like it's in the very early stages because he's not that convincing about the idea behind the film and sounds like he's just talking about the ending of Jumper and where it could go from there, it really doesn't sound as though there's a project going.

I'm not sure that there's a great deal of movement on a sequel, after all we haven't heard that much about it since around 2008, but Christensen says there has been some talk. Could it happen? Do we want it to?

Jumper (Filmstalker review) wasn't a bad film, and it had some great ideas and moments from the original novel by Steven Gould ( / ) which became a strong series, and the hope was that Doug Liman could do the same with the first film, create a strong building block for a new franchise.

However it didn't quite work out like that, and with years passing, there's been no other sign of a sequel.

The original was good entertainment, although it followed the standard fare there were a few little twists to it but by the end I was feeling a little empty and that there could have been a lot more to it.

So MTV through JoBlo caught Hayden Christensen and asked him about the sequel, you can hear what he said below, but basically it was that there had been talk about it and that it would probably be darker and seeing mother hunting son, or mother and daughter hunting son.

Not much to go on, and remember that back in June of 2008 he was saying something similar:

We're talking about it. I know that they're having those conversations, I hear about them. It was set up to become that -- a trilogy -- if it did well, And I think they're happy with how it did so they want to make another one. But I don't think they're rushing to get into production.

Before that, back in February of the same year, Doug Liman had more of an idea what was going to happen:

"I actually have a ton of ideas for the sequel because this is whole new arena for me and so my mind was in overdrive the whole time and most of the ideas I came up with we either could tease or just save it for a sequel and so it's…this power can be used to leave this planet, this power can be used ultimately to go back in time, this power can be used if you go and work for the government you'd be the ultimate Jason Bourne."

He went onto reveal a big surprise about the second book and about something he wanted to explore in the second film, you might want to look away, but really I think we're passed the point of concerning ourselves with potential spoilers.

"I guess people will read the 2nd book so they'll know, but Rachel Bilson's character learns how to teleport in the 2nd book."

I didn't like that idea myself, because it suddenly meant that people weren't born with the power and anyone could have it. Mind you I'm sure it could go in an interesting direction.

So is Christensen talking about this discussions a few years ago, or is there something else to it all? Have there been more talks and would we want a new Jumper film?



let's hope not, the first one was a huge disappointment, then again, if i ever were to get a second chance i suppose everyone should get one, no ?



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