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Fair Game trailer online

The trailer for Fair Game has arrived. The film starring Naomi Watts as the real life Valerie Plame who was, and I should say allegedly, ousted by the American Government as a CIA agent in order to discredit her and her husband when he, a journalist, wrote about the American Government manipulating intelligence about the weapons of mass destruction in order to invade Iraq.

The story looks set to show what she had to go through in order to maintain her innocence, and how others had to suffer because of the spiteful, cowardly and completely misguided Government officials, and stars Sean Penn as Plame's husband.

Doug Liman directed Fair Game which is adapted from a combination of Valerie Plame's own book of the same name ( / ) and Joseph Wilson's The Politics of Truth ( / ), Wilson is Plame's husband.

While the CIA Counter-Proliferation Division, the area that Plame works for, is investigating the possibility of WMD's within Iraq and asks the advice of Wilson. When his advice is ignored and the invasion goes ahead with WMD's being cited as a reason, he writes an editorial in the New York Times about his conclusions and how they differ from the Government's, and that's when the trouble begins for Plame.

The film looks like it could be a powerful one, and I really do hope that the writers Jez and John-Henry Butterworth have kept true to the truth of the story, as has Doug Liman who you might think could well concentrate on delivering something more akin to an action thriller.

Here's the trailer from , which gets through the power of the lead character, but I don't know if it really delivers the power of the situation and the weight of the entire situation.




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