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The Expendables new trailer

TheExpendables.jpgThere's another new trailer online for The Expendables, the all star action film from Sylvester Stallone, and this looks close to the one that I saw in the cinema the other day, the depressing and annoying thing though is that the trailer does focus a hell of a lot on that short scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Stallone, but at least it goes through each of the other main characters and lets them have a line.

That's a line of dialogue. There's not really that much to the trailer, and I don't have much else to say on it, other than I'm posting it right here.

I do think it's a little bit of a cheat, but the trailer is for the Facebook page and it concentrates on selling you the names in the film without much else. Still, I like it, and I don't think any material coming from this film could be spoiling it for me, considering the cast and the potential for the film.

Here's the trailer for The Expendables through IGN, it's nothing more than a teaser, but it's still worth watching if you're excited about the film:



Well that has got me excited!



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