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Scott talks 3D Alien prequels, Silver and Scott disagree on 3D

RidleyScott.jpgI really like these two stories. One is a very short interview with Ridley Scott who talks about putting the new Alien prequels into 3D, and the other is from Joel Silver who talks about the 2D to 3D conversion process for his new films.

It's very clear that there are two different views from the producer and director, and while they aren't talking about the same films they are talking about the conversion process itself.

Ridley Scott revealed that he doesn't see a problem with the conversion process, saying in the AICN interview that:

"I've heard now that audiences object if it's not purely 3D, if it's 2D to 3D. I could show you 2D to 3D and you wouldn't know the difference...It's about money, of course, but you're still paying for the effect. Really, it's very close. 2D to 3D is awfully close."

He seems utterly confident in speaking about the conversion to 3D, however the producer Joel Silver is less than confident. Speaking to MTV he said:

"I think the conversion to 3-D is not as effective as the movies that are created and invented and devised in 3-D...I mean look-- you're charging a lot more money for tickets and I think we should go out there with the real deal. Certain films, you can apply 3-D to them really well. And certain [other] films, maybe not."

He's even pointedly asked if they would consider converting The Matrix to 3D, and he's very clear by saying he hopes not, that's a 2D film.

I have to say he's popped up in my estimation somewhat, the guy has come under a lot of flak for his production involvement at times, but here he's talking a lot of sense and talking solely for the audience. Well done.

So two very different views on the conversions. Ridley Scott really believes he could make it work just like full 3D.

Scott goes on to talk about the process of filming the Alien prequels in 3D, and it doesn't seem like any of it is going to be a problem:

"I always (camera) operate. I operated entirely on Alien, for instance. Because I'm an operator I think lenses. If you think lenses then the crossover to 3D honestly is nothing.

I was told it was going to slow us down… it didn't slow (Michael) Bay down. Bay is moving like lightning. Once he realized, "Oh, Jesus… there's no difference, really. Except I'm adding dimension...

...when I'm planning I think in 3D anyway. Even when I'm storyboarding the scene is already thought of in dimension."

So he's already planning in 3D and he's also talking about how they'll deal with the requirement for lots more light when filming, something he's discussed before and simply says that in post production they'll sort it out.




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