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Red Dawn never to see dawn?

RedDawn.jpgNews this morning presents a worrying future for the newly remade Red Dawn, and while release dates moving, disappearing and reappearing is often nothing that exciting to write about as they change on a regular basis, for Red Dawn there's something else that's causing the concern.

The film comes from MGM who are aren't in the best position right now, and with their main hope being the two Hobbit films which haven't even been given a green light yet, there's little wonder that the release date for Red Dawn could have been pulled.

The original Red Dawn was a great film, seeing America invaded by Russian troops and the story of a small town that is overrun where some of the high school students manage to avoid capture, get together, and build a resistance to fight back. It starred names such as Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Charlie Sheen, and Jennifer Grey as the kids who fought back, and names such as Harry Dean Stanton and Powers Boothe also starring. It's a good film, and if you haven't seen it I suggest you do.

Now the Red Dawn remake by Dan Bradley, which was set for a November 24th of this year in the U.S. has been pulled apparently, according to the L.A. Times through and an MGM insider aka "source" has given them some more gossip on the film.

Amongst their titbits the most interesting is that there's no soundtrack for it yet, something else that suggests that the film might not be making November.

So the question now is, when will we see the film, and with MGM's troubles, considering they haven't even managed to get the two Hobbit films greenlit which were seen as their flagship films or indeed saviours, will we ever get to see it?

This might not be an indication of the film's quality as can often be the case, but it is a worry that we might not get to see it.




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