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Logan's Run in 3D?

LogansRun.jpgMy Dad is going to freak out, and I'm not far behind him. The classic Logan's Run is being remade, and while Bryan Singer is off the slate and the “almost directed the Alien prequel” Carl Erik Rinsch is on, everything seemed to be going well. Until Joel Silver spoke.

Silver is of course the producer. The money man. Rinsch is the creative, and so it's only right in Hollywood that the producer should announce that the film should be made in 3D to maximise profits by being able to charge a higher price for tickets and also for non-returnable glasses.

Oh no, I mean because it'll be great in 3D. Ahem.

Joel Silver's comment through First Showing is rather amusing when you read it:

”I'd like to make Logan's Run [in 3D]. It's a movie I've always been intrigued with, excited by…We're writing a script now and that should be a big 3D movie and it should be devised and shot in 3D.”

I really don't understand if you're excited and intrigued by a film and its idea why it would be obvious to make it in 3D. Surely there are other obvious things that pop to the fore when thinking about it, maybe like being true to the original concept, something about story, the cinematography, the feel of the film. Oh no, it's that it would be in 3D.

What's worse is that the money man is saying that over the director The director that hasn't been on the project that long, oh and even worse, before they have a script. Just imagine what words he's whispering in the ears of the scriptwriter – make that scene in 3D, I want things flying towards the camera in that scene, why can't the sandman shoot directly at the screen?

I wonder if the director realises what he'll be getting? A script that is filled with details of how to shoot the story in 3D. I hope someone's thinking about the story.




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