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Ghost Rider sequel gaining dual directors?

GhostRider.jpgIt doesn't seem as though the idea of letting Johnny Blaze rest after that first outing of the Ghost Rider is going to stick as it's revealed that Nicolas Cage is in negotiations to play the leading role once again.

It's early negotiations and there's no idea on plot yet, but with the news that the leading star is in negotiations there's also news that two directors are looking to take on the film.

According to the reports Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are also in negotiations for the film, you'll remember them from Crank (Filmstalker review) and Crank 2: High Voltage and Gamer, as well as writing them and Jonah Hex.

The story from The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision has the news, but as I said without any plot details as yet, but the news that these two directors looking to take on the sequel, I think Nicolas Cage and Johnny Blaze could be in for a complete remodel.

If they are negotiating they have one clear thing in their favour, the studio have to get moving with a sequel otherwise they lose the rights to it.

Whether they feel that they are rushed into choosing the Crank directors or not, I think it's a good idea and we could end up with something a little darker and edgier, which is what Blaze needed from the beginning, isn't it?

Variety tells us that the story idea came from David Goyer and that Scott Gimple and Seth Hoffman wrote the screenplay. If the two directors join the film then maybe they'll have a crack at the script too.

Can you see them creating a harder and edgier Ghost Rider?




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