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Filmstalker Film Club: Dennis Hopper Special

Microphone.jpgWe're going to have a special on the Filmstalker Film Club, one for Dennis Hopper, and while the audiocast has been away from your speakers/headphones for a little while, we are bringing it back and going to work hard on making it a regular occurrence.

This weekend we're hoping to record a Dennis Hopper special, and we're now opening the voting up to everyone, not just us.

There are some other changes too, we're working on how we organise the audiocasts before we record them, trying to work on a bit more structure and make them a little more slick, but not too slick, we're not wanting to try and make something too professional, after all that's not what Filmstalker is.

Every time we have a new round we'll put the voting up for the week before across the site in the poll and allow you to choose the film that we should watch. As usual when it's the turn of a member of the Film Club, they will select three films that are connected in some way, and you can vote on the film we'll watch.

As we go we'll expand it to allow you to select a theme and three films, and we're also going to be accepting emails, twitters and Facebook page questions and comments on the film that we're reviewing. So if you want to be involved in the Film Club but don't want your voice online, we'll read out your questions and comments on air and discuss them.

First up though, that Dennis Hopper special. You'll see by the poll what films we've selected. Mark chose The Osterman Weekend, Steven chose Blue Velvet, and I chose Hoosiers.

Now it's up to you to select which one we watch and discuss. Get voting.

If you want to watch and send in a question, something to discuss, then fire it onto the discussion area for the latest Filmstalker Film Club audiocast.




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