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Film of the man who inspired Rambo and Colonel Kurtz

BoGritz.jpgThere's going to be a film about the man who inspired both the Rambo character and that of Colonel Kurtz, a man who was the most decorated Green Beret during the Vietnam War and who even organised rescue raids to free kidnapped American prisoners of war from.

The man eventually became a controversial conspiracy theorist, and in a recent story about another film, it was revealed that the production company was completing a documentary about the man and his life.

Lieutenant Colonel Bo Gritz is the man the documentary will focus on, and according to popular belief, he not only inspired the characters of Rambo and Colonel Kurtz, but also that of John "Hannibal" Smith in The A-Team.

The story from Deadline Hollywood Daily doesn't really have much else to say about the film, but it does sound interesting. Not just from the film connection and the fact that he's a highly decorated soldier, but from his increasingly controversial profile from when he began attempting to locate prisoners of war in Vietnam through to his books and numerous calls of American government conspiracies.

Sounds like a hell of a journey for a character, and there are a couple of fictional films in there too, for now we're going to be doing with the documentary of his life The Ballad of a Green Beret.




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