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Edinburgh International Film Festival: Day Two

EIFF.gifDay Two should really have been day three, yesterday I missed an entire day being bed-ridden, but today I soldiered on, in high temperatures outside and inside of me, rattling with drugs and propping them up every two hours, I hit my second day of press screenings.

Today featured Outcast, The Hunter (Shekarchi) and L'Immortel (22 Bullets). From yesterday, reviews of The Last Rites of Ransom Pride and Monsters have both gone live from Day One. Now, let's look at Day Two.

It seems all the favourites were there in the screening, and as you'll see from the social media chat below, Woodo79 aka Stuart (Cinema Blend) popped down behind me - note behind me, he was very scared of catching something - in the wonderful screen one of the Cameo cinema, for Outcast.

The film was a decent British horror that pulled in strong talent with a competent play by the numbers tale, shame it ended up like that because it started off a lot better.

After Outcast we raced to the Videoteque where I embarrassed Stuart by pulling out my schedule and booking sessions right through until next week. It gave the staff no end of amusement that I was so well organised, frankly I'm surprised they were so surprised!

Then it was a sandwich and a drink and right back to Cameo's screen one for The Hunter (Shekarchi). This is where I struggled, I was close to nodding off a few times. The film was very slow paced, especially considering so little happened, but when it did it was interesting and well shot, it's just there was so little of that.

Out and a walk to Cineworld brought us to Jean Reno and L'Immortel (22 Bullets) early as you like. Just as well too as it was a really busy screening. The film was pretty good too. A strong revenge thriller that broke a few conventions here and there and showed everything as shades of grey with some surprisingly violent moments.

After that we parted company for the day and I headed home. Just as well, I'd forgotten my last set of pills and I was soaked with sweat. Nice.

Provisional reviews for day two:
Outcast: Three Stars
The Hunter (Shekarchi): One Star
L'Immortel (22 Bullets): Four Star

Reviews for day one:
The Last Rites of Ransom Pride (Filmstalker review): One Star
Monsters (Filmstalker review): Four Stars and a Filmstalker Recommends

Filmstalker's Day One at the EIFF on the web:
: Facebook : Facebook Filmstalker Page
05:51: Twitter: Woodo79: Think people are a little starstuck by "premieritis" over The Illusionist. Beautiful yes, perfect no. Review later... #eiff #edfilmfest

07:53: PingFM: Day Two of #eiff #edfilmfest which should have been Three if I wasn't ill. Outcast, The Dry Land, The Hunter and 22 Bullets so busy day.

07:56: PingFM: Actually change to #eiff #edfilmfest schedule means two films now clashing dammit. Looks like three films not four today. GRRR!

08:19: Twitter: Woodo79: Feeling better today?

08:31: Twitter: Oh man, we're in the same three films for the latter half of the day! Much better thanks, drugs are good! Start on them now!

08:36: Twitter: You know I wasn't that interested in it, everyone just kept saying to me "it's set in Edinburgh". Not much about the film.

08:45: Twitter: Woodo79: Yeah that's the problem. Mentioned in a tweet yesterday the actual story behind it is probably more interesting.

10:41: FourSquare: Waiting for #eiff #edfilmfest showing of Outcast (@ Cameo Cinema) http://4sq.com/5fWvGn

15:05: FourSquare: Just saw The Hunter which was long and dull, now 22 Bullets with Jean Reno (@ Cineworld) http://4sq.com/4VgCtE

15:31: PingFM: Outcast was not bad, some nice moments and some cool effects as well as a nice cast. #eiff #edfilmfest
PingFM: The Hunter was very slow, needed a huge raft of edits. Some nice moments but that really amounted to 10mins! #eiff #edfilmfest

17:37: PingFM: Just out of L'Immortel (22 Bullets) which was rather good although not as strong as I had hoped. Reno is always cool. #eiff #edfilmfest

Speaking of the social web side of Filmstalker, what about that "discussion" from yesterday? Well it continued today. Apparently I had hurled a "string of insults" and "misrepresented" Pistolerosa. It would seem though that meeting him in person would have cleared everything up, including all the alleged "misrepresentations" and such.

Wed 16th June
15:47: Twitter: Pistolerosa: Since you've misrepresented me by name, I suggest we have a coffee in the press bar so you can report what I really think.

Thu 17th June
08:35: Twitter: Hardly misrepresented you, if you talk about the blog the entire conversation is there.

08:36: Twitter: Not really interested in more of the same though. What was it you said? "And we're done."?

08:43: Twitter: Pistolerosa: Shame. Please record on your site that I wanted to meet after your string of personal insults but you declined.

09:45: Twitter: Happy to, will also record these last few tweets which continue the same attitude from yourself and why I don't want to,

12:50: Twitter: Pistolerosa: be sure to include the one where my attitude involved a coffee in the bar.

To be honest, looking back at the previous day, it doesn't seem as bad as it felt at the time, but the feeling is still pretty clear when I read those messages and these today. It's also the reason why I didn't want to meet for a coffee, I wasn't interested in more of the same, although it would have proven one thing, I don't need to "grow up".

On an aside it does show that you should be careful on social media, your comments are public and they reflect your public branding, there's certainly a need out there for brand and reputation management.

Anyway, that aside and behind us, that was the second day of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and tomorrow holds some excitement.




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