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Chinese remake of What Women Want

GongLi.jpgHollywood is the one known for remakes of films, but today it's been announced that the Chinese cinema industry is about to remake the romantic comedy What Women Want, the film starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt from Nancy Meyers.

Seems a rather strange choice at first glance, but then as you think about it and read the comments from Chen Daming, the man who has adapted the original film and will direct for Chinese audiences.

The original film sees a typically chauvinistic and self-believing man suddenly gain the power to hear women's thoughts and understand what they really want. Suddenly his life is transformed, and at first a curse, he soon learns how to control the power and use it for his own means. However in the process he finds something he didn't expect, a gentler, more feminine side, and love.

Speaking about the remake through The Hollywood Reporter, Chen Daming said:

”I wanted to bring more strength out in the woman character to reflect what's happening in China...Chinese women are leading giant businesses today and winning most of our Olympic gold. Gong Li has the presence to convey this strength.”

Now you see there's something interesting about to happen to this idea, or at least I hope it is, it's going to focus on the Chinese culture, and I can see that changing the film meaning and substance quite a bit, not just superficially. Or at least I hope it will.

Fan Bingbing was originally reported to be taking the role, but Gong Li won out in the end and loks set to take the lead when the contract is signed in the next few days.

She will be playing opposite the superb Andy Lau who is set to play the boss of the advertising agency and Li the creative director. Slightly changed roles as in the original the two were both working at the same level, here the man will be her boss.

Do you think this has a chance at international success? With that cast you've got to think so.



Uh.. Chen Daming is a guy.

Otherwise, great article.

Thanks for the correction.



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