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Bollywood film about friendly Hitler

Hitler-Braun.jpgIt's a strange thought to imagine that Bollywood would be making a film about Hitler, but they are, really.

Anupam Kher once played Gandhi and is not to go to the other extreme as he plays Hitler and Neha Dhupia will play his mistress Eva Braun in a film which will look into the last days of the Third Reich, Bollywood style.

The film is called Dear Friend Hitler, now I don't know what's going through your mind right now but I'm seeing some sort of Mel Brooks film, but really, this isn't a joke.

According to a "source" who gave the story to the Mumbai Mirror newspaper through The Guardian this is a very real film and will look at the relationship between Adolf Hitler and those that were close to him, including Eva Braun, through the last few days of the Nazi rule:

"It aims to take the viewer into close quarters with the enigmatic personality that Hitler was and give a glimpse into his insecurities, his charisma, his paranoia and his sheer genius."

His sheer genius? What is this guy thinking? Seriously? Sheer genius?

The story reveals that the director Rakesh Ranjan Kumar chose the main star Anupam Kher because of his resemblance to Hitler, and Kher talked about the film, so it must be a bit more than rumour.

"He's one of the most interesting characters of our times."

Okay, my warning radar is still going at this point and I'm hoping he was misquoted, but then the story kept going on as Kumar apparently said that he considered Hitler to be the most successful loser of the 20th Century. Ermmm. He explains...a little...kind of.

"As a leader, he was successful. Why did he lose as a human being, what were the problems, what were the issues, what were his intentions, this is what we want to show..."

He even stated that he hoped that Hitler's "love for India" would be shown through the film and how he contributed to independence in India. Interestingly The Guardian does a blog piece on this story and investigates the historical facts.

It seems that Hitler wasn't for an independent India, and it was in fact the Americans that put pressure on Britain to pull out of the country for support during the war. They suggest that Hitler supporting the Indian National Army at the time is how the film-makers think so positively of the man responsible in trying to wipe out many races of people from the planet, people that weren't the perfect example of their idea of the superior race, an image that was not Indian. They even cite the example of Hitler's disgust when the leader of the Indian National Army became involved with a German woman.

Kumar does say that the film will not be about the war but a love story, exploring the love life between Hitler and Braun, a woman whom he married almost two days before he died but had been seeing since she was seventeen years old. However his totally misguided and historically inaccurate view of a man who wanted to wipe out

What do you think about this? It all sounds rather odd, and that's not just the words of the film-maker which sound bizarre in themselves, but the whole idea of the film. It's almost like they are lightening what Hitler did and concentrating on the positives and human aspects of the man, trying to present him in an entirely different light, and even ignore the fact that he was an out and out facist and racist responsible for mass genocide, and I don't even want to imagine what would have happened had he not been stopped.

Is it just me or does all this sound plain wrong?




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