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Black Water Transit in more legal wranglings

BlackWaterTransit.jpgRemember Black Water Transit? The film by director Tony Kaye from the Carsten Stroud novel which starred Karl Urban, Laurence Fishburne, Brittany Snow, Beverly D'Angelo, and Stephen Dorff, about an honest man running a shipping company getting caught up between all sorts of government agencies, his imprisoned son, and a serious drug running criminal?

I do. Once set to star Bruce Willis it looked like a good film from a strong story and a really good director. However the company behind it hit financial difficulties, they didn't like the film, and problems ensued. Before long it was caught up in a bankruptcy case and has never been released since it was made in 2008.

The legal case for Black Water Transit has been back and forth and getting more complicated by the day, however some news came out last week about the film and what is happening to it, and it sounds like it could be a step closer to being released.

To be honest the story was getting really complicated the last time I talked about it, all about claims and counter claim, and you can read about it there, but this latest story from The Hollywood Reporter suggests that the film is free of all the legal battles and could well be released. Then again, we've heard something like that before.

This time though a company has bought the film rights from a foreclosure auction for US $2 million, the film was valued at some US $26 million. The important thing about this sale is that it removes all the legal and debt obligations associated with the company from the film, so basically the company get a completed film for US $2 million without any costs. They can just go ahead and either sell it, or start distributing it.

However, there's something going on behind this, for the company behind the film was run by David Bergstein, and he controlled some five organisations who are under the control of the federal bankruptcy court trustee, and if you follow the details through the story it suggests that Bergstein himself may be behind the company who have just bought the rights.

It's an interesting article, but behind all that legal discussion and moves it does suggest that the film could finally see a release, but after all this time I think it's going to be a DVD release, don't you? The question then is will it matter? Is it just too late for the film to get a decent audience?

Tony Kaye directed the film version of Black Water Transit which is adapted from the book by Carsten Stroud novel ( / ) and tells the story of Jack Vermillion, played by Laurence Fishburne, who wants to try and get his son moved from a maximum security prison. To do this the authorities want something in exchange, and when he is approached by Earl Pike, played by Karl Urban, to move his rather large personal gun collection overseas, Vermillion passes it to the feds. However, the arrest goes terribly wrong and people are left dead on both sides. Now both Pike and the authorities are after Vermillion who himself is out for some revenge.




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