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Another Countess Báthory film starring Swinton?

TildaSwinton.jpgThere's talk of another film about the legendary Countess Báthory, the woman who allegedly bathed in the blood of virgins in order to try and keep looking young, this new one though has two things in it that would be different to the more widely known version from Julie Delpy which tried to remain closer to historical references.

This version would tell the story from the viewpoint that has grown through literary history, the one of Countess Dracula that turns the character into a vampire. What's more is that there's already a female lead being touted for the role, Tilda Swinton.

The casting choice sounds rather superb, and if Die Blutgräfin (The Blood Countess) from director Ulrike Ottinger does come to fruition and the casting does pull together, it would seem that Tilda Swinton will play the literary version of the character of Countess Báthory that Julie Delpy showed in her film The Countess.

While her film concentrated more on the reality of events, or as close to reality as history could bring us, where the Countess was left alone by her husband who went away on wars and ended up having to protect herself and her properties, took up lovers, and became obsessed with looking young which lead her to the murder of virgins in order to bathe in their blood, this new version will see her turn into a vampire.

It's not a huge leap to make considering she may have been responsible for these murders and then sat around in their blood hoping it would make her young again, after all that is what happens with the traditional vampire in most films – for all of you who have only seen vampires on recent television shows and teen-friendly films, you won't understand this.

Here's the blurb of the new film, The Blood Countess which is also rumoured to star Isabelle Huppert and Udo Kier:

Impatiently awaiting the arrival of her devoted maid Hermine, the countess Erzsébeth Báthory, also known as La Comtesse Sanglante, a tigress in human disguise, ascends into the open daylight. At breathtaking speed, the two women race through a Vienna of ghoulish beauty. Their entourage: Báthorys nephew Bubi, a vegetarian vampire who refuses to follow family traditions, his therapist, two wacky vampirologists, some members of the duelling fraternity "Vampiria", an all-female music ensemble, and many more. "Wiener Blut", Viennese blood is shed by the buckets while the hearts of the present Habsburgians and Viennese beat high. This is a cracked journey to the roots of a myth that has lost nothing of its appeal: to the Vampyre Empire! Naturally, the showdown takes place at Vienna´s "Prater" - during a midnight supper on that fair´s famous Ferris wheel.

The idea of Tilda Swinton leading too would be superb, for she does have a wonderful look to her that could easily strike fear and uncertainty into anyone. I'm actually looking at a picture on the 24Framespersecond site that had the story where her eyes keep catching mine and are a little unnerving. Yes, she'd be perfect.

Plus, we'll get to see “real” vampires again, not these watered down, lovey-dovey ones, except for that vegetarian vampire which sounds a little odd.



THE BLOOD COUNTESS by Ulrike Ottinger
With regard to the unrealized film project THE BLOOD COUNTESS by Ulrike Ottinger:
We are currently working on a new version of this project with a new title and a new cast. Therefore the information on your website is obsolete and we kindly ask you to delete this entry with all details and wait until we provide you with current news about the film.
Thank you in advance for your help!
Ulrike Ottinger Filmproduktion




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