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Hitman 2 gains director

Hitman.jpgHitman is getting a sequel, and quite rightly so. While the original isn't art, it is an enjoyable film that does a damn good job of taking a videogame to the big screen, like Tomb Raider or Silent Hill. So it's great that there's a second film, but the role of director is about to change hands.

Daniel Benmayor is going to make his Hollywood debut on Hitman 2 after making commercials and filming the Spanish language film called Paintball.

The director Daniel Benmayor came from television commercials for such companies as Sony PlayStation, Mercedes, and other such big organisations with healthy budgets to create something a little more special. He then made his debut on Paintball, a Spanish film about a group of adrenaline junkies who are dropped off in a forest to play paintball, except one of them has real bullets.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily he's also just finished a film called Bruc about a 19th Century Catalan drummer who helps defeat Napoleon's army, a strange sounding story.

So he's had two films already and now he's coming to Hollywood and delivering a Hitman (Filmstalker review) sequel. I can't really speak for what he's done before because I've not seen either of the films, in fact I've heard next to nothing about them apart from something about the blurb of Paintball.

This sequel and this version is written by Daniel Casey and apparently is based on the fifth Hitman game where Agent 47, the genetically engineered assassin who has developed a conscience and an understanding of the value of human life, has been beaten and almost destroyed both physically and mentally. In this story he has to fight to build himself up again and become the unstoppable hitman he once was.

What's interesting is that there is a contract option on Timothy Olyphant for the film, something that often happens when stars sign up for significant characters in case the film is successful and they have to pull them into the sequel.

However it's an option, and what that means is that Olyphant can still say no, and remember he's leading the television series Justified which is going really well.

I think it'll be a fight to get the star back, it will have to work around the television show, but if it can, there's a chance that Olyphant might come back to play the lead, after all the character and the film are a lot of fun and a fan favourite.

That said there's the chance that with a different director there could be a different actor, Jason Statham perhaps?

There could be a chance he'll be back. Question is, do you want him back? Do you want another Hitman film?




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