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Shank futuristic London gangland trailer online

Shank.jpgWhat a title. Shank is a tale of London and gangs set in the near future where the younger generation have taken to the streets and have control of them. Something which doesn't sound too far off the mark already.

The trailer looks powerful, very well cut, filled with strong performances, and gives a great feel about what to expect. It's a great trailer, and I hope that the film follows suit.

Shank is directed by Mo Ali and written by Paul Van Carter. This is the first outing for both director and writer, but then the trailer makes you think that they've been doing this for a lot longer, mind you Ali has been directing videos, and we've got a great many good directors that have come the exact same way.

Quiet Earth found the trailer, and they also come armed with a strong blurb:

In a London of the future, the gap between rich and poor has grown to epic proportions and food has replaced drugs and guns as a priceless commodity. Junior (Kedar Williams- Sterling) and his gang the Paper Chaserz trade in 'munchies' but stay away from the territory disputes and the violence.

A tip off about a food delivery leads to a conflict with a rival gang and the death of one of their own. Now Junior has to decide whether to stay true to his principles or whether to drag them all into a quest for revenge that could get them killed.

Now let me pass you onto the footage and let that persuade you that Shank is something worth looking out for:

The film carries some British talent from other films such as, Adulthood, Sugarhouse (Filmstalker review), and a number of other strong independent British films. It's definitely worth keeping your eye open for don't you think?




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