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Riddick sequels happening

ChroniclesofRiddick.jpgI'm not really sure if there was doubt about another Riddick film, well actually there was plenty, because Vin Diesel is forever talking about projects he's going to do and we never see them. Or is that really true? He's delivered a new Fast and Furious, and we look like we might get more, so maybe they just take time?

That's backed up by the fact that the third Riddick film has been announced, and it harks back to a lot of things that both he and David Twohy have been saying about the film in the past. Diesel, apparently, doesn't lie.

So the third Riddick film, following on from the excellent Pitch Black and the not so good The Chronicles of Riddick, is being distributed in the U.S. by Universal, and Lionsgate is seeling the rights for the rest of the world at the Berlin Film Festival, so get buying.

No more details of the script have arrived in the Variety announcement through Total Film, but they do say that for some time it's been believed that this film would pull down the scope, away from the big budget, grand spectacular of Chronicles and more towards the smaller, darker, Pitch Black. Now taht's a great move.

There's not much more in the story, but we do know that Vin Diesel will return and David Twohy has written the screenplay and will be directing the film. We just need to wait to find out more about the plot and what's intended for the character.

Well I've said it before and I'll say it again, the idea of pulling the story back to the tone of Pitch Black is a superb move, I mean Chronicles looked good and had all the elements to make it a good science fiction film, but it lacked the strength and power that Pitch Black had, or more importantly that Riddick had. Getting that back would be great for the franchise, although let's not forget that Chronicles earned a load of money.

Hopefully the third will do both and maybe let us see a fourth, as has been talked about back in 2008 and in 2009.




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