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Abducted Girl: An American Sex Slave teasers online

AbuctedGirl.jpgIt was back in November of last year that we first heard that Shane Ryan was writing and directing a film called Abducted Girl: An American Sex Slave, just as the news arrived of the story of Jaycee Lee Dugard who was kidnapped and held by Phillip and Nancy Garrido for some eighteen years, giving birth to two children in that time, and never being allowed to leave the hidden home built at the bottom of the Garrido's back yard.

This film is not only going to be “inspired by” her true story, but is also going to educate everyone as to just how far reaching the sex trafficking trade is and how widespread the child pornography criminal underground goes. Or at least these three teasers released ahead of the film do, and we hope that the film itself will.

I'm not entirely sure if it will do that though, and I will state up front that I haven't seen any of Shane Ryan's previous films such as Amateur Porn Star Killer or Warning!!! Pedophile Released, but the titles and blurbs, and the fact that this is being released so closely to actual events, make me think that it won't be anywhere near as powerful as the powerful and moving film Holly (Filmstalker review), which takes a very open and adult view of sex trafficking that was informative, engaging and emotionally harrowing.

I'm not so sure that Abducted Girl: An American Sex Slave is going to deliver that kind of film.

The teasers that have arrived feature facts about sex trafficking as told by Lia Marie Johnson, who may well be the lead of the film. They don't fill me with inspiration, and it does seem like these teasers will be no indication of the film itself, which will be more akin to a low budget slasher horror than anything else.

Here's the third teaser trailer, I'm putting them in reverse order as the last one is the better one so far.

The second teaser continues the same theme.

The first teaser is painfully long and drawn out, but has plenty of shocking facts up front about sex trafficking.

I really wonder how much this will have to do with the real events, and if it will be kind to the poor girl involved and deliver the same kind of power as Holly (Filmstalker review)? I'll give it a go, but I think not so far.




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