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Winterbottom tackling Isreal and Palestine

MichaelWinterbottom.jpgMichael Winterbottom is deciding to play it safe and easy with his next film, tackling a project that won't be in the slightest bit controversial. Promised Land will be looking at the events that led to the 1948 segregation of Palestine and the creation of the state of Israel.

Yes, you can see why that wouldn't be a controversial topic to tackle, and why the film won't be causing a fuss with people all over the world, particularly in Britain.

The film, Promised Land, will show Jewish militant groups launching attacks against British forces and Arabs during the campaign to be recognised as a state.

Casting is already in place according to Variety with Jim Sturgess playing a British officer tasked with hunting down Jewish extremist fighters.

There's little more given in the article, but Michael Winterbottom's past films look set to put him in good standing for this one, and we can hope that neither Winterbottom nor the film take any side in portraying the events and shows the human cost from both sides.

We do get reminded that there are a number of other films being made right now about the conflict, all looking at very individual and human stories. What the blurb of the Winterbottom film suggests is that this is going to be much wider and look at the conflict as a whole and how it began. Or at least that's what I'm hoping it will do.

I wonder what you feel about films on this subject and if they should be told or not? I remember a few times that I've mentioned the Israel and Palestine ongoing war that people have been leaping up to scream the defence of one side against an evil aggressor.

Will this Promised Land film present that view or will it look to both sides? It does seem promising that it is looking back to the point of separation between the two sides. What do you think?

I can see a lot of controversy in Britain with the film being funded with public money from the UK Film Council and it potentially heading to Israel and Palestine for filming.




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