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Damon say no Greengrass, no Bourne

MattDamon.jpgIt seems that Matt Damon's memory is pretty short, he doesn't remember that the first Bourne film was directed by Doug Liman, however he is sure of one thing, Paul Greengrass will be making the next Bourne film with him, and he doesn't want to make it with anyone else.

I do find this a little surprising. After all if the franchise can change hands once, it can change hands again. Of course that's risky, but so is sticking with the same director, there are no guarantees when studios are involved.

Speaking about the film Matt Damon was pretty clear on his thoughts:

”We don't want to risk [the franchise]; we really love it, we love the character and the three films. Doug Liman did the first one, and Paul did the second two...There's no reason to mess with it, unless you have a really good one to follow it up with.”

Oh no, so he hasn't forgotten, so what's the big deal? Well they work together on a number of films, and some of them really haven't worked out that well, especially if you're an accountant with a studio – a couple of films of Paul Greengrass' have had healthy budgets, and we saw the last Bourne film develop the script during filming which cost that film quite a bit too. Still, it made it back.

Anyway, it's clear Matt Damon doesn't want to make it without Greengrass, as he responds to MTV's question about who he would make the film with.

”Just Paul...I wouldn't do it with anybody else.”

Well that's pretty definite, but that's for now. I guess Damon isn't that bothered, after all he's doing really well with his career and he has a damn good choice of films, he doesn't really need to make another Bourne film, especially not right now.

That said, he's keen.

”It's gotta happen — we've just got to get a script, and we don't have one...So embarking on something and aiming at a release date without any story would just be too risky.”

That's fair enough. Getting a good script before making the film, man that's something unique in Hollywood.

Joking aside I have to say that there's no way that there's only one director for this franchise. Greengrass took over from Liman, and they both did it right, are they really the only ones?




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