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Stephen King wrote Cell screenplay

StephenKing.jpgAt a recent book signing for Under The Dome Stephen King revealed some interesting information about a couple of his stories and their film/mini-series statuses, plus he came out with some shocking news about his Dark Tower series.

Speaking at the signing, which you can see on a ten minute video below, King talks about the film version of Cell, something new on the Dark Tower series, and he also reveals something about Under the Dome.

It's a fun little Q&A below, but let me cover the reveals right here:

Stephen King has written the screenplay for Cell, but he says that because fans didn't like the ending he's rewritten it for the film. Now I wonder who is going to be directing it, it was Eli Roth, but he's off the project now and there's no word who is taking over.

Under the Dome, his new book, is going to be made into a mini-series.

The final thing, which isn't film related, blew me away. He's writing a new Dark Tower book. At first I was excited thinking that there could be a new book in the series, maybe to take the characters beyond the ending in the final book, but that was such a perfect ending and I couldn't see anything else going beyond that. However it's not a new final book, it's a book in the middle of the series.

Here's what Stephen King has been saying when he was at Lilja's Library for the book signing who have the video through JoBlo:

Well I think that Cell is still very much up in the air and is awaiting someone to helm the project, and it's exciting news for King fans that Under the Dome is going to be heading to an HBO mini-series. However the big surprise for me is the new book in the middle of the Dark Tower series.

Mind you, it's good to know that King wrote the screenplay for Cell, and that the ending has changed for the film, even if it was a cracker of an ending in the book, I think a film should bring something different, don't you?




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