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Red gains more cast

JulianMcMahon.jpgRed, the adaptation of Warren Ellis' comic series which has already gained the names of Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, John C. Reilly and Mary Louise Parker, has just gained a few more big names to the negotiations list, and the cast is already shaping up to be rather epic itself.

Robert Schwentke is set to direct the film which tells the story of a retired black ops agent who is forced out of retirement when an assassin trained in all the latest techniques with technology galore, is sent to kill him.

So far for Red we know that Bruce Willis is playing the agent who is pulled out of his new found family life after the new director of the CIA, played by Morgan Freeman, decides to ensure all the "loose ends" from previous black ops operations are "tidied up", which really means assassinated.

However when the order is made, the old director of the agency, played by Helen Mirren, warns the agent who then returns to his old school ways and take on the high-tech assassins who are headed his way.

Now we hear from Heat Vision that Julian McMahon, Ernest Borgnine, Richard Dreyfuss and Brian Cox are currently in negotiations to join the cast, and they have a few roles already picked out.

McMahon will play the Vice President who seems to be at the centre of the conspiracy, probably signing off the order from the CIA director, while Borgnine will be playing a character who is described as the "keeper of the CIA's darkest records", probably working in the CIA secret archives or something like that.

Meanwhile Dreyfuss is a wealthy company director making money from government contracts with Cox playing a former Cold War spy and the past nemesis of Willis' character.

Come on, this has to have you excited just reading the cast list of names, but then seeing the roles they are set to play, the director, and the source material and writer, you have to be getting as excited for this project as I am, and I'm really getting excited.




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