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Ninja Assassin clips online

NinjaAssassin.jpgI had been wondering what had happened to Ninja Assassin from the James McTeigue with a script from J. Michael Straczynski and Matthew Sand, it had been a while since we heard any news, and then today some clips appear online from the film, and they are all action clips too.

However, as slick and as nice as they appear, there's something that has me rather concerned about them, the editing. Come and have a look and see what you think.

The clips do look good, there's a great style in there, the tension is high, and the fighting looks amazing. However the editing of the fights does leave something to be desired, I found them quite confusing, key moments missing, and the sequences didn't completely flow.

Now what I'm putting that down to is the warning before each that they've been cleared for television consumption and that would have meant a lot of editing of each of the cilps to make them safe in order that children didn't start stabbing each other for no good reason.

Anyway, benefit of the doubt and let's put that down to the television adverts, so other than that the Ninja Assassin clips from Collider through , look really good. See what you think.



Having watched this movie, I can tell you that the original action scenes are really tight and smoothing. You guessing is right, they have cut all the blood and flying departed body in the clips above

Aha, that's great news, thanks Raizo for clearing that up. I had a suspicion.

What that means is that there's plenty of blood and body parts, which there should be in Ninja fights!

wow great movie.... i love rain



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