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Duncan Jones' Mute script reviewed

DuncanJones.jpgDuncan Jones' next film isn't going to be Mute, a film to follow and complement his superb Moon (Filmstalker review) the second in a loose trilogy of films that take place in the same universe. Instead we heard it's going to be a film called Source Code, and an interesting film it sounds too.

However what of Mute? Well the script has been read and there's a review of it online, and to be honest it's not good.

The premise for Mute is sorted in a one liner:

Premise: A mute bruiser living in futuristic Germany goes on a desperate search for his missing girlfriend. Along the way, he learns about her secret life.

That comes from the script review at ScriptShadow through /Film.

The film is about a man called Leo, described as a brutish forty year old, who hasn't spoken since a childhood accident. His girlfriend has gone missing, he woke up one morning to find her gone, and he sets out to track her down in Germany in 2046.

The script was originally written in modern day, but Duncan Jones and Mike Johnson have rewritten it to the year 2046, and everyone seems to be shouting about the potential comparisons to Blade Runner, something that seems to be far too early considering this is the second draft of a script and it isn't going to be made into a film just yet.

I can understand the comparison, after all some of the foundation building blocks are there that suggest something similar, but it's still a long way away.

One of the main problems with the script seems to be around the secondary plot line, which seems to centre on a man who is waiting tickets to get out of the country, that seems to be it, and the script reviewer at ScriptShadow really can't understand why the thread is there.

The other big issue seems to be around the lead character and the fact that he is mute, something the reviewer can't understand either because it's not really made anything of during the script.

There are some big positives though, and the biggest seems to be the way that Jones and Johnson have written the story, and the tone and feel of some of the scenes and the characters, and this is the part that they feel is going to be the biggest for the film.

Well it's a really mixed bag, but I have to say that if the entire sub-plot and the main reason for the main character being the way he is don't work, then I that surely outweighs how it looks doesn't it?



Sounds like a blessing Mute isn't his next film. I attended a Q&A that was being held with Jones a while back and, although he didn't give much away about Mute, he did say it would be a love letter to Blade Runner (if I remember rightly). There is some concept art online and the similarity between Mute and BR are there (style wise).

Actually that's a good point Billy. I just watched the Sundance Q&A on the Blu-ray extras and he says "spiritual sequel to Bladerunner", and that's setting it up real high. Maybe some time between those comments and release might be good.



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