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Abducted Girl, an American Sex Slave film

AbuctedGirl.jpgYes, you can probably guess that this film is related to, and is set to cash in on, the story of Jaycee Lee Dugard who was allegedly kidnapped and held by Phillip and Nancy Garrido for some eighteen years, however it doesn't sound like it's an official film version of the story, just one that is “loosely based on” the real events.

That, for me, is a concern, because with such a powerful and terrifying story you would want to make sure that the truth is told, especially with court cases pending and peoples future lives being opened up for all to see.

The story of Jaycee Lee Dugard begins when she went missing on the 10th of June 1991, she was abducted from a school bus stop, within sight of her home, when she was just eleven. On the 26th of August 2009, she appeared in the office of her alleged kidnapper's parole officer.

When police visited the home, they found that there was a concealed area at the back of the house where she seems to have been held, and during the time of her captivity she gave birth to two daughters who were aged fifteen and eleven when the story was revealed. You can read more of her story on Jaycee Lee DugardWikipedia.

Abducted Girl, an American Sex Slave seems to be set to start filming next year with a release in Spring 2010, and comes from the film-maker Shane Ryan.

According to Ryan through MoviesOnline the film will focus on the relationship between the victim and the kidnapper, analysing the effects of Stockholm Syndrome and how the victim becomes so entrenched in the situation they are in and eventually doesn't try to escape.

Looking at Ryan's other films such as the Amateur Porn Star Killer films and Warning!!! Pedophile Released, I can't help but think this isn't the story that the Dugard family would want told, and at a time when the court cases still need to be held, should the film be going ahead anyway?




From the guy who directed 'American Porn Star Killer III' I have a hard time imagining this being anything other than sleazy exploitative trash.

Wrong wrong wrong.

I thought they couldn't start making a film like this so close to the actual events. What about impartial investigation and court cases?

well i think this film will woken up some of the child who are afraid to say that they are victim of sex slaves . It is good that we have this kind of movie so we can [Some rather flowery and threatening language removed - Richard]



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