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Who Framed Roger Rabbit sequel gains writers

RogerRabbit.jpgWho Framed Roger Rabbit was back in 1988 and still holds up well as a funny and enjoyable film, and the effects look great alongside the superb Bob Hoskins, not to mention the wonderful characters and story. Robert Zemeckis made a superb film that was sure to last the test of time, and it has.

So was it really any wonder that back in April of this year he revealed he was thinking about it? Probably not, just the length of time it took him was the surprise. What the big surprise now is that there's a script under way for the film, and that's no rumour, that's from Zemeckis himself.

Robert Zemeckis has revealed that the writers of the original film, Jeffrey Price and Peter Seaman, are the ones setting to work on the sequel, and who better is there to write the script?

The news of the Who Framed Roger Rabbit sequel comes through Digital Spy, and if we look back to the previous story we'll see what Zemeckis has in store for the film, and it isn't a surprise, performance capture:

"I'll tell you what is buzzing around in my head now that we have the ability-the digital tools, performance capture-I'm starting to think about Roger Rabbit..."

This is one film that would look great on performance capture, something I'm not entirely convinced by as yet. The reason that is, is because the final images will be meant to look like cartoons, not reality, and when something that's not real tries to look real and doesn't manage, it doesn't feel right and I'm always left with the question of why bother, why not use the real thing to begin with? After all it looks better.

However with something that looks like a cartoon at the end of it, something that isn't real, then performance capture makes the unreal behave as though it is real. So for this film performance capture is perfect.

The real question is though, do we really want to see a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?




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