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Best of British scripts 2009

Book.jpgI never realised that there's a British equivalent of the Black List, the list that Hollywood runs of the best scripts that have yet to be produced, but there is, and it's called The Brit List, an inspired naming choice.

Men Who Stare at Goats was the 2007 winner that is having its première along with Nowhere Boy, which was last year's winner, and another 2007 script Scouting Book for Boys. The winner this year is Good Luck Anthony Belcher, which is set to star Lesbian Vampire Killers' James Corden.

Lesbian Vampire Killers didn't really do that well and James Corden wasn't really helped by the film outing, but with the previous successes from the Brit List, this winner could provide him the strong, positive script that will help him get some recognition outside of British television.

According to The Guardian the script was written for George Kay with James Corden in mind and it's looking good for it being made into a feature. It actually came from an original idea by Corden and is about a loser in life who is given the compensation of a week of perfect luck by the Department of Good Luck as an apology for losing his file down the back of a cabinet and his run of bad luck.

However as his good luck comes through it seems that it isn't everything he had hoped for, and good luck all the time isn't everything it's cracked up to be.

The Brit List is nominated by a group of forty agents, producers and development executives from the UK and Ireland and according to the article only non-American written scripts are applicable. Strange, I thought it would be British only, that's quite a significant distinction that makes this more like the Rest of the World List and not the Brit List.

I found this year's list from Screen Daily through Go Into The Story and listed it below. There are a couple of titles that pop out, a new version of Treasure Island and a remake of Le Cercle Rouge, Red Circle. There's even the latest of Terry Gilliam and Tony Grisoni’s The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, and a Paddington Bear script.

Good Luck Anthony Belcher by George Kay (Ruby Films)
Corsica 72 by Neil Purvis & Rob Wade (Ruby Films)
Now Is Good by Ol Parker (Blueprint Pictures)
Salmon Fishing In The Yemen by Simon Beaufoy (Kudos Pictures)
Balance Of Power by Deborah Davis (Element Pictures/Scarlet Pictures)
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Deborah Moggach & Ol Parker (Blueprint Pictures)
The Rapture by Daniel Hardy & Rupert Wyatt (Warner Bros)
Conviction by Bill Gallagher (Neal Street/Red Productions)
Frank Sidebottom Jon Ronson & Peter Straughan (Producers: David Barron & Stevie Lee)
I Wish I Wish by Peter Souter (Hartswood Films)
Love Minus Zero by Emma Forrest (Origin Pictures)
A Million Miles An Hour by Brendan Grant (Big Talk)
The Shimmering Essence Is Approaching Its Target aka Ponte’s Tower by Michael Thomas (Sprout Pictures)
A Bear Called Paddington by Hamish McColl & Paul King (Heyday Films/Warner Bros)
The Beautiful Fantastic by Simon Aboud (Producer: Kami Naghdi)
Cuckoo by Francesca Brill & Luke Watson (CMP Film)
Embassy by Jon Baird (Producer: Stefan Haller)
Eurovision by Dan Mazer (Working Title)
Flawless Skin Of Ugly People by Jack Thorne (Big Talk)
Grabbers by Kevin Lehane (Forward Films)
Great Expectations by David Nicholls (Number Nine Films)
The Haven by Mike Lesslie (Element Pictures)
The Man Who Killed Don Quixote by Terry Gilliam & Tony Grisoni (Recorded Picture Company)
Now, Love by Virginia Gilbert (Element Pictures)
Rafta Rafta by Ayub Khan Din (Left Bank)
Red Circle by Steve Knight (StudioCanal)
Rookwood by Steve Sarossy
Snatched by Lee Patterson
Trap For Cinderella by Iain Softley (Forthcoming Productions)
Treasure Island by Nail Johnson Under
The Skin by Jonathan Glazer (Producers: James Wilson & Nick Wechsler)
The Wettest County by Nick Cave (Red Wagon/SPE)
What Was Lost by Jeremy Brock (Heyday Films)
Wingman by Mat Kirkby (Peapie Films)




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