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Stalked: Eastwood casts Damon, Linklater casts Hall, Monaghan joins Downey in Due Date, Green Lantern casting call for villains

Eastwood and Damon on Hereafter...

Rebecca Hall cast in Linklater's comedy/drama...

Monaghan joins Downey Jr. in Phillips comedy...

Giamatti cast as King John in Ironclad...

Green Lantern casting call for villains...

Eastwood and Damon on Hereafter
Clint Eastwood may have given up acting, but he seems to be working harder than ever behind the camera as he secures Matt Damon to appear in his next film Hereafter, a supernatural thriller for which Damon will lead. The thriller is written by Peter Morgan, so already it's highly promising. The Hollywood Reporter has the story.

Rebecca Hall cast in Linklater's comedy/drama
Rebecca Hall has been cast in Richard Linklater's latest film billed by The Hollywood Reporter as a road comedy/drama, or to make up a terrible word as they have, a dramedy. She plays Bacall Loomis, a woman who sets out on a road trip at the time of the Obama inauguration to get some items from her ex-boyfriends. Ermmm, haven't we seen this before a number of times?

Monaghan joins Downey Jr. in Phillips comedy
Michelle Monaghan has joined Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis in Todd Phillips comedy Due Date, which already doesn't sound great. Downey Jr. is a man rushing home to try and get to his wife who is in the midst of delivery of their child, he wants to get there in time but I'm guessing from the Variety story that everything conspires against him. He picks up a travelling companion on the way in the form of Zach Galifianakis' character who is described as a mismatched companion. Wow, swap the mother for Thanksgiving and we've got Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Giamatti cast as King John in Ironclad
Paul Giamatti has been cast as King John in the film Ironclad which is a 13th century action film starring James Purefoy and directed by Jonathan English. According to Variety Purefoy plays a Knights Templar who, together with seven of his fellow men, defend Rochester Castle against King John and his army.

Green Lantern casting call
There's a casting call out for Green Lantern through SpoilerTV and SuperheroHype and it announces that they are looking for Carol Ferris, Dr. Hector Hammond, Sinestro and Abin-Sur. There are your villains right there.




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