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Princess and the Frog trailer online

PrincessandtheFrog.jpgSo the disney film The Princess and the Frog has appeared online and it tells the classic tale in a whole new light. Apparently.

I'm not so sure. Haven't we seen this story already in Shrek? Plus it's not really that far removed from the original story except it gives Disney the chance to throw in cute animals and have a long Disney-esque animal journey, and we haven't seen that before.

I know, I'm a little jaded by the trailer, and why not? We've seen this a lot of times before in many different ways, I don't really see how this is in a “whole new light”, apart from they've switched the title round from the original!

The good news is it's a Disney film to keep the kids entertained, and the actors behind the voice are always good to listen to and guess, plus there's tons of new songs and ancillary characters to rope your kids into the merchandising.

Okay, I am cynical about it after all. Here's the trailer for The Princess and the Frog starring such names as Terrance Howard, Keith David, John Goodman and Oprah Winfrey.

Is there something new and exciting here for you? A distraction for the kids, or just another Disney cartoon following the same story rolled out again?




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