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Kerry Katona the film?

KerryKatona.jpgKerry Katona, the Katie Price (Jordan) follower, says she would be interested in a film about her life, as long as she had control and it portrayed her and her husband in a good light. That'll never happen then.

Kerry Katona is the woman who was part of Atomic Kitten for a few songs, and who reveals every moment of her up and down life as a girl who has come from nothing to something and is desperate to hang on to every second of fame and wealth without having improved anything in herself as a human being.

You can tell I'm by no means a fan. In fact I hate these trashy celebrity personas who act as a hugely negative role model for everyone, and that's why I find it hard to believe that there could even be a consideration for a film about her.

Well thankully there's not. Reading the gossip story/"rumour" in Digital Spy through the British newspaper The Daily Star you can easily tell that the suggestion has been pushed on them, after all surely Katie Price is the more known trashy human posing as a celebrity that could attract more of an audience than the amazingly pathetic Kerry Katona?

There are biographical films galore I'd like to see before this rubbish.

According to the report a "source", which means that the story is made up, says:

"Kerry's up for listening to offers so long as they're not tacky… Kerry would love Jennifer Ellison to play her in the recent years - she thinks she's a great actress…

…Also Kerry would have control over the film and that's what she wants. She's desperate for her husband Mark [Croft] to be portrayed in a good light."

I'm not sorry to say this, but by very definition the film is going to be trashy, whichever z-list celebrity the film was about it would be similarly trashy.

However there's a statement at the end of the gossip story that suggests perhaps there's a little more to it than the question being pitched to someone who knows or once talked to Kerry Katona during an interview. It reads:

The proposed film would apparently follow Katona's life through her troubled childhood, success with Atomic Kitten and marriages to Brian McFadden and Croft.

"The proposed film"? Does that mean the proposal that the interviewer made to the source of the story? Someone who probably once gave Katona a cup of coffee when she asked for it on set of one of her Iceland adverts?

I don't know, this sounds like a whole load of rubbish and continues to give a bad name to British newspapers - note that there are some really good newspapers in Britain that don't have these kind of stories.

It also makes you wonder why other stars and celebrities aren't being looked at for biographical films. I mean there have to be thousands before you'd get down the list to Price and Katona.




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