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I Spit on Your Grave remake going hard

ISpitonYourGrave.jpgThe news of a remake of I Spit on Your Grave seemed a risky proposition, especially since the original was banned and termed a "video nasty", and the content of the film was incredibly hard stuff for it's day and still provided a dramatic tale with some purpose.

So I'm surprised that it's still ongoing, and news today reveals it's not just continuing but the producers have a plan, and the plan is to make it as controversial as it was when it was first released but with a humble R rating. Now that's a big task.

The original film tells the story of a woman who is abducted, brutally raped and abused and left for dead by her attackers, except she's not dead at all. She survives and when she regains her strength she has one purpose, to track down those that attacked her, entrap them, and subject them to similar torture and pain.

Now one of the producers of the I Spit on Your Grave remake has been speaking about the film again, and through HorrorMovies they tell us that the plan is for a modern remake that's as tough as the first but doesn't upset the American censorship board of Christian families. Talk about a tall order.

"After seeing what was done with an R rating on films like Saw and Hostel, we think we can modernize this story, be competitive with what this marketplace expects and not have to aim for an NC-17 or X rating."

An modern R rating for a film that has a woman who is brutally raped and abused, then seduces her former attackers subjecting them to similar torture, in one scene slicing off the penis of one of her attackers.

Now I know what Hostel: Part II (Filmstalker review) did, but that was one scene, could we see the woman doing similar things for all her attackers through the course of a film and still the censors will allow it through? I struggle with that thought, I really do. I can understand once as a revenge, but the rest would feel a lot more like vigilantism and really begin to push the censors further than I think they'd like to go, don't you?



In the 70s, these kind of movies were about pushing boundaries, even if some crossed a taste and decency line in the process.

Remaking these kind of movies however, is the worst kind of cynical filmmaking, pandering to a small but profitable, and rather disturbing, demographic.



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