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Dead Man Running trailer online

DeadManRunning.jpgThe trailer for Dead Man Running has appeared online, and it's actually looking rather good. Written and directed by Alex De Rakoff who also did the same with The Calcium Kid starring Orlando Bloom, it stars Tamer Hassan, Danny Dyer and 50 Cent in the leads with some strong British actors supporting.

The premise is easy, 50 Cent plays the big man to whom Hassan's character owes £100k, and he turns to his friend, played by Dyer, to help him find the money and pay him back within twenty four hours or face the consequences.

It seems from that point they have to think up as many ways to raise the cash as possible, and as with all these films where the main character is up against some sort of time based goal, it's going to go down to the wire.

Something I like about Dead Man Running is that Tamer Hassan and Danny Dyer have swapped roles. Everything I've seen so far has Hassan as the stronger character, and so this might give Dyer something to do other than the cockney bit of a lad that he's always playing.

Hassan, on the other hand, is a bit handy with the old acting malarkey, and I'd love to see him getting a few more roles that stretch him a little.

So here's the trailer for Dead Man Running, it would be worth a look.




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