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Another Halo film?

Halo.jpgWe've seen Neill Blomkamp's shorts for his vision of a Halo film, and combined with District 9 it's fair to say his would be a gritty and realistic version of the world. Now there's another vision online, and this one does a lot more than Blomkamp's shorts did, featuring some excellent shots and slicker, fast paced action.

While creating the marketing campaign for the new video game in the Halo franchise, Halo 3: ODST, Microsoft and Bungie decided to make a live action advertisement for the game, and it is glorious. This is what a Halo film should, and could look like. If only the executives would grow some big ones.

The teaser takes you through the life of a new recruit in ODST and a few brief moments of his training, first mission, and deep into a campaign. Everything you'd want to see is here and with plenty of effects and style.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Microsoft and Bungie did this to send out a small message to Hollywood, look what you could have won.

Tell me, imagine this was a teaser for a Halo film. You'd be signed up already wouldn't you?



Wonderful. Now I want to see an actual movie!



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