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X Games 3D: The Movie

XGames3D.jpgIt's no secret here at Filmstalker that I'm no fan of 3D films, not that I'm outdated or against new technology, it's just I've never seen a film that is native in 3D, they are always filled with things being thrown at the camera and engineered moments to go "by the way, look at this cool 3D trend (again)".

However I think that's going to change with Avatar, before then though the likely contender for a real native 3D film that doesn't labour the point or seem overly contrived to exploit the genre is this film, ESPN's X Games 3D: The Movie.

I know it seems strange and you're probably going to laugh at me, but I love the more extreme sports, I love speed, and I love a little life on the edge, not as much as these guys though, and these guys look like they're going to be taking it to the limit with 3D high definition.

What I like about the trailer is the attempt to personalise it amongst all the cool moments, and I wonder if the film is going to manage to do that and still deliver the thrills.

Whether it does or not, X Games 3D: The Movie is perfect for 3D and is going to look great naturally without over engineering scenes to exploit the 3D aspect.

You can see the trailer for X Games 3D: The Movie over at Apple Trailers [P:S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p], have a marvel at how good it looks. Could this be the first film that is naturally suited to 3D?




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