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Solomon Kane trailer online

SolomonKane.jpgIt may be a hand held copy of the trailer from the Comic-Con screening, but it's the first I've seen for Solomon Kane, and while it's a little shaky and the sound a little hard to hear, it's looking pretty good and the effects look fantastic.

The film follows Solomon Kane, a sixteenth century Puritan who wanders the world vanquishing evil in any of its forms. To do so he carries a rapier, a dagger and a pair of flintlock pistols, and in some of his stories he has a magical staff given to him by an African shaman.

We don't know much else about the plot other than the traditional write up for the character from the Robert E. Howard stories ( / ), of which there are many.

The film for Solomon Kane comes from director Michael J. Bassett who also adapted the story, and carries some interesting names too, James Purefoy takes the lead with Pete Postlethwaite, Max von Sydow, Jason Flemyng, Alice Krige, Rachel Hurd-Wood, and plenty others building up the cast.

The filmed trailer comes through Bloody Disgusting and Quiet Earth and can be seen below. See what you think, at the very least it must have you excited to see the high definition version.

You know in a way I'm thinking this is what Van Helsing should have been.



Looks like a better Van Helsing, with some Lord of the Rings sprinkled on top.

i very seldom get all excited about new movies but this one i am aching to see.

I wonder why Sheila? ;)



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