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Kick-Ass Comic-Con clips online

Kick-Ass.jpgClips from Comic-Con appeared online in the last few days and were promptly removed, but it looks like they're still making the rounds so I've grabbed them as quick as possible and just hope that they get left up long enough that you can see them.

Honestly, if the film keeps up this level throughout, it's going to be amazing, and Matthew Vaughn is going to become a legend. Seriously, they are that good.

Now they should learn from what happened with the footage last year from Comic-Con and how it looked after watching the pirate copies for a whole year, a little underwhelming. Don't bother your time trying to block these, get the full high definition footage out there right now to counter it all.

Kick-Ass tells the story of, well, basically teenagers who decide to become superheroes. It comes fro the mind of Mark Millar, the man who brought us Wanted (Filmstalker review) . Originally he was making a comic hero for his daughter, but he just couldn't help himself and brought out what could now become one of the best comic book adaptations thanks to the lovely although disturbing Jane Goldman and the excellent Matthew Vaughn.

Enough of me yapping though, here are the excellent clips which are genuinely funny and genuinely violent, how this is going to get released I am really unsure, let's just hope it does because it looks superb, even Nicolas Cage looks good in it, for once.

Here are the pretty decently copied clips through Worst Previews, Topless Robot and Twitch. They may not be up for long.

Wow! Get a trailer out for Kick-Ass now, or at least release this footage properly!!




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