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Caligula remake trailer online

Caligula.jpgThe remake of Caligula has a trailer, and it's hilarious, a smorgasbord of bad acting and cheesy overacted deliveries, and it's filled with soft core porn moments and huge belly laughs.

This looks really bad, and Gore Vidal, who introduces it and closes it, looks like he agrees. Of course this isn't a remake, it's just a trailer for a remake, made with more than just a tongue in the cheek.

Well, I hope it was made with tongue firmly in cheek, otherwise the people behind this will never work again!

Starring such names as Helen Mirren (who starred in the original 1976 film), Benecio del Toro, Gerard Butler, Milla Jovovich, Courtney Love, Adriana Asti, Karen Black, Justine Bateman, and more, it's hard to believe they even engaged in the trailer.

This has been on the go for some time, but thanks to JoBlo it's been sparked in my mind once again and I thought I'd write about it, although I thought I already had once...but I think that's old age and a continually panicked and rushed mind.

Anyway, this is funny and well worth a watch. The first time I watched it, for a bit I thought that we were looking at something serious with just bad acting, and that has a similar feel throughout, it's just when you see the names of Benecio del Toro and Gerard Butler when you start wondering, and when you realise that the film is titled “Trailer for a Remake of Gore Vidal's Caligula” you realise.

Funny stuff. The funniest moment is at about three minutes twenty six seconds, you have to watch out for it, I laughed myself senseless when I saw it.

Be warned though, this is rather rude and adult stuff with some nudity and sexual paraphernalia. Does anyone know why this fake trailer was ever made?



HAHAHAHAHA!!! it was made in 2005 as a promotion for Versace's new line of accessories.

It is hilarious! Thanks for that, I had no idea why the fake trailer was made, now we know.



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