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Update: Clips 'n' Pics: Burton talks 9, new 9 clip, District 9 TV adverts

A couple of short clips have appeared online today, one for the fantastic looking animation from 9, and two more for the Neill Blompkamp science fiction film District 9.

All look good, and for District 9 the footage is beginning to uncover a few darker secrets behind the original idea of the film.

Here's the footage of 9, intended for the mobile phone, with Tim Burton talking about the uniqueness of the film and how he's excited about it. This comes through UGO.

Update: There's a new clip just arrived online for 9, this one features the battle with the winged beast we've seen started in some clips. It's fantastic, runs for over four minutes and really is inventive in just about every second of the scene. More than anything this has made me want to see the film. I urge you to watch it.

Then there's the two television teasers for District 9, and they are both keeping the secrets of the film well under wraps, something most films seem utterly incapable of doing. However with these two teasers, there's a fair bit of teasing and no real giving.

Although saying that the teaser through The Movie Box do suggest a few interesting things about the film.

Here's the first:

Then the second:

What do you think? It's looking better and better and I love the slow reveals. Let's hope there's much more teasing and no real give away from all the marketing to come.




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