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Bruce Lee biographical trilogy

BruceLee.jpgAnother three films have been announced on the subject of the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, and while we've heard our fair share of films that have never come to fruition, including ones sanctioned by his family, these ones have an air of possibility about them.

Previously we've heard about a musical from David Henry Hwang, a CGI return by Bruce Lee from Rob Cohen, Donnie Yen playing legend, and a film from Stanley Kwan. This latest news is a trilogy with the family involved.

Phoebe and Robert Lee have apparently authorised a trilogy which will give a realistic view of the man and his life, no bells, no whistles, and one might assume no CGI or musical numbers, just the plain story of the legendary martial artist who became a similar legend of film.

Robert Lee announced the news publicly on Monday during a celebration of the thirty-sixth anniversary of Bruce Lee's death in 1973, and so one would assume that this is really going to move forward, in pre-production anyway.

IMDB have the comments that he made saying:

"We've read many books and seen many movies about Bruce Lee, but there are many inaccuracies in them."

The producer for the first film has already spoken about it, so again it would be worth assuming that the film is moving further forward than we might expect. Manfred Wong said of the film:

"There will be kung fu, but more importantly, we want to portray the real Bruce Lee. What is the real Bruce Lee like? He was very humorous. He was very obedient to his parents. He was very kind to his family."

So the trilogy begins with Bruce Lee as a boy, and will end with him aged 32, a star of film and of martial arts.

I wonder if this is similar to another family led film that we heard about back in July of 2006?

I really hope that this film comes to pass and doesn't fall by the wayside like the others have, after all the story of Bruce Lee is crying out for more screen time isn't it? Especially with all this talk of The Green Hornet helping to bring his name to the fore again.




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