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Tony Scott on The Warriors remake

TonyScott.jpgTony Scott's remake of The Warriors has been many a year in the making. But even with other projects on his plate, Scott still sounds excited about this one.

Whilst promoting The Taking of Pelham 123, he has given an update on where the film is. The script it proving the problem it seems.

The Warriors was first made in 1979, and told the story of a street gang of that name in New York. After a plan to unite all the gangs in the area goes array, The Warriors find themselves with a long trip back home and in hostile territory.

Tony Scott talked about remaking The Warriors back in December 2006. His plan was to set his film in Los Angeles, and to use real gangs for part of the film. That is still the plan, as is using real gang members (100,000 of them to be precise) for the opening scenes. Should take some organising. He still has at least one snag though:

...you have to think, 'How hard can it be?' Because in its simplest form, it's about ten little Indians getting from Point B to Point A through the course of the night, and I can't get the script right. I've been struggling to get the script. I've been wanting to make this movie for ten years now, and now I've got all these gang members. It's not just hip to touch those worlds, it educates me and the public, and they're so colorful and fantastic.

Scott was talking to Coming Soon, through Latino Review. I wasn't aware he'd been trying to make it for quite that long. Nothing like making sure it's right I suppose. He also gave some idea of what to expect from the opening scenes when he talked to Cinema Blend while doing more promotion.

Then on the Vincent Thomas bridge, which is Long Beach, you have a thousand gang members up there, then Cyrus goes bang. It's almost like 9/11, bodies coming off, it just goes ballistic. Then these guys have got to get from the Vincent Thomas back to Venice, through all these different gang territories. And it becomes anarchy. The gangs are meeting, they're meeting for a truce. Just like they were in the original. But once that truce is broken, they go back to their turf. And our guys, the Warriors, they've got to get back to their turf, back to Venice.

It sounds like he is keeping to the original story. And we can expect some pretty crazy scenes too kick it all off. I really liked the original, and despite my lethargy for remakes I'm rather excited about what he might come up with. Any fans of the original out there? Does Tony Scott's version excite you or worry you?




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