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Michael Sheen to play Blofeld?

MichaelSheen.jpgDaniel Craig's stint as James Bond got off to a pretty good start with Casino Royale. And then Quantum of Solace took some of the shine off.

After a fairly lackluster villain in Quantum of Solace, could they be bringing back Blofeld for the next one? And is Michael Sheen the man to play him.

Quantum of Solace had a lot of things wrong with it. The need to cut every two seconds, the dodgy plot and a villain who was a bit pathetic. With a new writer joining the crew in Peter Morgan, who is responsible for The Queen and Frost/Nixon, we can only hope the next one is better. I reckon a decent villain with a suitably horrific plan would help. I mean who steals water?

The rumour from the Daily Express, through IMDB, is that Michael Sheen is in talks to play the recurring villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the next Bond film. He is the guy with the cat and a liking for swinging chairs, played by actors including Donald Pleasence and Telly Savalas.

Michael is hot property right now and it's felt he's the right man to bring Blofeld back to life. Michael was a Bond fan in his youth so this would be a dream role for him.

Obviously with the source being a tabloid, we should take it with a large pinch of salt. Perhaps thought up due to Sheen's connections with Peter Morgan. But it does sound interesting, and at least he would be a decent villain. But how would that work alongside the new, more realistic James Bond they are aiming for?

What do you think, would you like a famous villain like Blofeld back? Would it work with the James Bond we now have? What do we really want a modern Bond villain to be up to?



I wouldn't have a problem with a Blofeld return to the (still) freshly rebooted franchise. On one condistion; he be more grounded and more active. Sheen is a good actor and this rumour could ring true as he has more or less starred in everything written by Morgan.

As always I look forward to the next Bond outing.

Yeah they would definitely have to refine him so he would fit in. I'm hoping for a villain hell bent on world domination, or starting World War 3.



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