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Harold Ramis updates Ghostbusters 3

HaroldRamis.jpgIt's that time again, where someone attached to Ghostbusters 3 is asked where it is and what is happening with it. The hapless soul this time is Harold Ramis, mostly because he is promoting Year One.

Could he put us out of our misery, and just tell us if it's happening or not and who is in? Read on and find out.

Ghostbusters 3 has claimed more than it's fair share of online column inches. Everyone from Dan Aykroyd to Bill Murray and Harold Ramis have been questioned on it. Usually there are vague assertions of interest, or excitement about the possibility depending on who you talk to. I'm beginning to forget who is definitely in, who needs persuading, and who needs a script before they will say anything. Luckily promotion for another film has led to Harold Ramis being asked again, "What the heck is going on?"

..if we get a good script we’ll do it. I don’t think any of us feel we need to for our own careers or anything, but if people want to see it we’ll try to give it to them. But only if it’s good.

Righto then. Script permitting it's a goer, as we probably thought anyway. Collider also asked if Ramis thought it would really happen, or if it's destined to stall.

there’s a real script being written. We wrote a story - Ivan Reitman, Dan Aykroyd and I are consulting. (Bill) Murray said he’d do it. Ernie Hudson is in. Almost everyone said they’d be in. Rick Moranis has laid low in show business for the last few years. It’s all about the quality. We don’t want to destroy a franchise that everyone loves with a bad sequel.

I suppose some people would say they already did that with Ghostbusters 2. Maybe he isn't counting that one though. So it looks like we are back to waiting for the much talked about script. If that isn't up to scratch I'd imagine a few people will be backtracking. Are you liking all this talk of the original Ghostbusters as mentors, showing the new recruits the ropes? Do you think we will see everyone back for Ghostbusters 3?



duuuuude. ghostbusters 2 was NOT a bad sequel. it did, however, have a horrible and cringe worthy soundtrack.

i love how film is so subjective. One man's phantom menace is another man's kingdom of the crystal skull. I'm thankful that they're not shoehorning in just to cash out with a new movie. give us a good one or let us just rewatch the first until something breaks.

Heh. Don't get me started on The Phantom Menace, or SWAT!

Yeah it is definitely good they aren't trying to obviously milk the cash cow. Almost makes me think we won't see a film unless it's decent. Fingers crossed.



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