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Doghouse unrated trailer

Doghouse.jpgWhat a difference a trailer makes. There are now three trailers online for Doghouse, the latest British horror film which seems to be ever so close to Lesbian Vampire Killers, except they aren't lesbians, or vampires, they're all sexes of zombies.

To be fair the opening ten minutes we saw before looks really good, and there's somewhat of a unique style that is very different from the films we've seen before, but then the montage at the end suggested more of the same, and while that isn't bad, it didn't suggest anything new.

Then the trailers for Doghouse came. The first isn't that great but the second promises more and looks far better too, but it's the new unrated one from HorrorMovies.ca that looks the best so far. Well, not counting the opening ten minutes of course.

The film sees a group of lads get together for a drinking weekend to remember their past and help one of their friends get over his recent divorce. For the others romantic troubles are rife as lovers, girlfriends and wives scream and shout at them for leaving.

When they arrive for their mad weekend things aren't quite what they expected. First they seem to be in the wrong place, and secondly the women there are rather crazy, in fact they're dead, and infected. Actually they're zombies and they want to eat all the men.

Time to get organised for jokes amongst bloody fighting, for the comic book one to come up with all the explanations and answers, for the one with the golfing gear to have some moments with zombies and his clubs, for the one full of bravado to falter and perhaps fail, and for the recently divorced one to save the day, and perhaps find love.

Of course I could have this all wrong, and if you watch the opening ten minutes for Doghouse you might just think I do...a little.

New unrated trailer

Trailer 2

Trailer 1




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