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Brad Fuller on Friday 13th sequel

Fridaythe13th-RemakePoster.jpgThe Friday the 13th reboot/remake proved a bit of a hit when it was released in February of this year. Which led to news of a sequel to that film coming not long after, with the same writing team as the first.

Now an idea is being banded around about when the next film will take place. Jason Vorhees might need to get his winter clothing on.

I love a good slasher film, whether it's Halloween or A Nightmare on Elm Street. Which is just as well as they are being remade along with just about everything else in Hollywood. Platinum Dunes has now turned it's attention from Jason Vorhees to Freddy Krueger. And during set visits they were asked about the sequel to their remake of Friday the 13th.

They think they are going to need better kills in the second film. But don't expect them to be in 3-D.

If we're vulnerable on [the first film], it's that people thought our kills weren't clever enough, so whatever we need to do to make those kills seem clever in the second film is what we're going to do...I suspect it will not be in 3-D, although we'd love to make a 3-D horror movie. We'd love to do it; they just don't throw that money our way

Producer Brad Fuller was talking on Hitflix through Bloody Disgusting. The plan seems to be that filming will take place this year some time, and it will be released in Summer next year. Meaning that filming would need to take place before the Winter. However, when asked about the possibility of the film being set in wintry conditions, Fuller did say it would be something fresh. He doesn't though want the whole thing to be set during the snowy season though.

So far then, we can expect better dispatching of unsuspecting victims. And Jason Vorhees may well be trudging through the snow while chasing them down. I now feel the need to add the remake to me rental queue. Anyone out there who has seen it, was it one of the better horror remakes? Are they milking it with a sequel?




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