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Wolverine has different cinema endings

Wolverine.jpgIt seems that X-Men Origins: Wolverine has different endings which will all be released to the cinema. Now this means that depending on what cinema you go to you'll see a different ending to the cinema, and effectively you could see a different film altogether.

However from what is being said this might be like the Iron Man (Filmstalker review) ending, where we're just talking about the after credits scene and not the actual ending of the story.

I can never quite understand the idea behind this, apart from to fool the people who are responsible for copying films from the cinema, you know the people who the studios want us to think are the audience with camcorders and who, judging from recent events and the quality of all those copied films out there, are actually in the industry in one way or another.

What I will feel is a little cheated, whatever ending I see, because I won't be seeing the ending that others have, and that might have been an entirely different story depending on how the ending pitches the closing of the story.

Of course if it is just the after credits ending then it's not really an ending at all and just a set-up for something else to come.

The story from First Showing through Total Film does sound as though Fox are trying anything they can to entice people into the cinema after that leaked print was released on the internet – and note industry screamers about pirating in the audience and how it's all our fault, that was an industry leaked print.

Gavin Hood, the director of X-Men Origins: Wolverine with some assistance from Richard Donner, has said that multiple secret endings have been hidden on the end of the prints going out to cinemas, and different cinemas will be showing different endings.

There's no clear word if this is just in the US or if we're going to see this across the world, but what we all will see that is different to that leaked version, if you watched the leaked version, are over four hundred completed effects shots, a musical score, completed sound mixing and corrected colouring.

Now I'm not here to sell the cinematic version over the leaked, frankly that's your choice to make, but I made mine and that was not to watch this hugely unfinished film and wait to see it completed, as the director(s) intended.

While I'm now glad that all the work has been completed and we're going to see a completed cinematic version, I am rather annoyed that I may well be seeing one of multiple possible post-credit endings and not the others. I don't really see the need to do this to draw people into the cinema, especially if these have been tacked on the end since the leak took place.

What do you think about it all?



what a load of old tosh! fox are blatently bullsh*tting us to get us through the doors, like when their spokesman said that the leaked version wasnt full...when it actually was, as if we wouldnt find out! i wouldnt watch this film if i was paid to anyway and now all of this rubbish is coming up, i've lost a lot of respect for the studio. fox, shame on you!

Seen this morning. If the supposed endings are as dull as the post credit scene I caught then you're not missing out on much.

To me having multiple post-credit endings feels like the director has no respect for the fans. By saying something like that he is exploiting people into going to see the film more than once at different cinemas to see a possibly different post-credit ending sequence which might just be a minute long. We also don't know which cinemas are showing which so wouldn't you be annoyed if you went to watch it again somewhere else only to find you had payed again to see the same ending?

Surely this is him trying to make up costs which may be lost by the leaked workprint rather than giving the fans some kind of multiple viewing excitement.

Things like this should be saved as extras on the dvd release not in a cinema release. Its not fair on people who don't have the time/money to go more than once. Surely if someone really liked the film they would go and watch it again anyway.

Also I think he has kinda shot himself in the foot now anyway as I can see so many more people now smuggling in cameras to record them so everyone can share those endings online instead of people having to go to the cinema multiple times. And you know what? More people will watch those endings online than the amount of people who have watched the workprint.

Sorry about that rant, it just made me so mad when I read about it.

As long as you feel better Michelle.

Yes, much.

sounds good to me! i'll watch whatever ending i get at random, and look forward to the dvd version which ( i hope ) has all the endings.

i wouldn't go twice to see the movie again for one scene, but imho i think this is a great way for a studio to entice folks into the cinema post leak.

Michelle, love your passion, don't apologise for it, and I'm totally with you. Although for what I've seen of pirated films it's not the audience, it's people taking them off screeners and straight from prints, not camcordered.

Agree that these should be on DVD and not put out at random to have a lottery pick of an ending.

Still, Mogulus is right, it is a clever way to get us into the cinema whether you agree with the method or not.

Changes to the ending were already underway before the leak, to set-up a possible Deadpool spin-off… Saw a preview screening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine on Tuesday. Well worth seeing in a cinema just for the opening credits sequence alone!

Heard last night at my theater, "we waited through the credits for that?" I would have to concur. No reason to go see it again if that's the kind of extra clip they're going to give us.

And I thought that this film would make me go back again to the cinema.

What? I had no idea that Wolverine will have different endings? Sheeeshh. What a pain (same feeling I have for the alliance when playing and grinding wow gold). Different endings, sheesh that won't make me go back to the cinema just to watch a different 3-minute ending.

Ok guys. None of you have any right to be upset. They didn't lie, I saw both the pirated version and the theatre version and the pirated version was missing some footage (though minimal). However, regardless of any of that HOW CAN YOU DARE BE MAD AT FOX?! They have to make money and they have a right to. The studio, the special effects guys, the actors, and directors all deserve their cut. The movie, which is awesome, also deserves to be top at the box office. And whoever leaked the film ruined some of that. So, of course FOX has the right to try to recoup those losses. And for those of you who go to multiple theatres to see the multiple after the credits ending, you are stupid. It's like a minute long and has no effect on the movie anyway.



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