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Fantastic Four remake?!

FantasticFour_Poster.jpgCan you believe that they are remaking The Fantastic Four? Well 20th Century Fox want a remake apparently, and they've imaginatively decided what they want for the new film, it's something you won't believe and would never guess. It's one word, begins with “d” and ends in “arker”.

Guessed it? Yes they're looking to redo the Fantastic Four but make the film darker, less cartoon like and more realistic, well going by the current trend of superhero films anyway.

According to the report through IESB the studio are looking to remake the film and follow the trend of Iron Man (Filmstalker review) and The Dark Knight (Filmstalker review)., and if we're being honest that's a good way to go for the franchise.

However this looks like it's going to be a complete restart, if IESB are correct in what they are saying. They're talking none of the original Fantastic Four (Filmstalker review) cast and definitely not the original director, yippee.

Yet I think they'll be missing out because at least Michael Chiklis was good in his role, and Chris Evans was not bad, as for the rest of the casting I'm just not so sure if it was them or it was the tepidly warm script.

What I do know is that the Fantastic Four films just didn't cut the mustard, and with the quality of superhero films out there now they are nowhere near on a par with Iron Man and Batman series.

The question though is do you still want to see Fantastic Four films, and do you want them darker? Do you want them at all?



How can they really go darker and more realistic along the lines of Dark Knight & Iron Man when everything about the fantastic four universe is inherently farcical and aimed and mildly autistic children who only really notice the bright colours?

Considering all the marketing, childrens toys, lunchboxes etc that has gone into making the two fantastic 4 films popular and familiar to children, it would be a stupid idea. To suddenly see their superheroes darker, well that's a bit harsh isn't it?

Can there really be a remake of a film which was made only a few years ago? Its not like it is a foreign language film being made for american audiences. To come out with another film with completely different actors will that stop people going to see it?

To be honest though I didn't like the films because they were too simple. So yeah i'd be happy if they were made darker but I wouldn't be rushing to see it.

This is nothing but studio [expletive removed - Richard]..Hell,both FF films werent that good but to already remake them(so sick of the word re-boot) just reeks of greed.[expletive removed - Richard], just remake Watchmen already and give it a pg-13 rating and hope all the kiddies flock to it!


How can those dickheads think of remaking the Fantastic 4?! Are they fucking retarded? The movies were gr8. mayb not perfect buw wot is?
BTW. don t forget that dark knight is a DC character nd dc comics were always a bit darker than Marvel so batman nd other charcaters like superman, green lantern etc. can afford 2 have dark nd serious movies.
All the marvel movies done so far were at least good. Some of them were 'dark' due 2 their story (ex.punisher d 1ST, d 2ND sucked ass u assholes), others were comical. Iron Man was not dark. (unless u frickin saw it with shades on...lol at u). So now they should be focusing on introducin new characters mayb some others from DC... i mean 2 legendary batman movies and 1 retarded superman movie (now theres a remake that need remakin). Sorry for d namecallin but they deserved it.



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