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Zack Snyder to do Sucker Punch

ZackSnyder.jpgFollowing the mammoth undertaking that was Watchmen, Zach Snyder says he is finally going to make Sucker Punch as his next film. And they already have a star in mind.

We first heard of this one in 2007. Alice in Wonderland with guns anyone?

In early March 2007, it looked like Zack Snyder was going to make Sucker Punch before embarking on Watchmen. We know how that one worked out, with Sucker Punch taking a back seat. But with Watchmen complete, and many of us dying to see it, Snyder says he is finally getting around to Sucker Punch.

Sucker Punch is an action film with an all female cast. A girl is locked up in a mental institution in the 1960s, and fantasizes about escaping. This takes her on some amazing adventures, both to the past and the future. Snyder plans on making it an R rated film, with a release date some time in early 2011.

He talked to IESB, who brought up the name of a potential star. Amanda Seyfried is the woman they are after for the main role. She has some other things on the go though, so it's not confirmed yet. We should have the whole cast in the next month or so. Snyder also talked about why he's excited about the film.

I really feel like I've never really had the opportunity to make an action movie you know, I mean 300 is action-y but not like I could be, you know, with no rules and machine guns and just everything. I feel like there's huge potential there that I haven't really gotten to explore, so that's kind of what I am excited about.

Sounds like it will be crazy stuff, I'm looking forward to this one. Hell, he had me at Alice in Wonderland with guns. Anyone else interested?




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