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Twilight 3 greenlit, surprised?

Eclipse.jpgTwilight was successful enough with the Twits, Twats, Tweens, Twilfs, whatever you'd like to call the Twilight fans, that they greenlit the second in the series New Moon, and while that is hardly out of conception and into the infancy of production, the studio have leapt on the third book and the third film, Eclipse.

What's interesting is that they've just replaced the director of the first film, and with the second not even proven it's surprising that they're going all out for the third too. Will they swap the director again or sign Chris Weitz up for the third?

It's no surprise that they've gone for Eclipse already, and to be honest I was surprised that they haven't signed up all of the novels in one go as soon as Twilight had proven itself.

However is it really any surprise that Twilight did prove itself? After all there's a huge audience out there for the novels and they'd just lap up the series surely? It's a lot like the Harry Potter series for that reason.

While the first novel told the story of the love between a human, Bella, and a vampire, Edward, who can go out in the day, doesn't have the desire to suck people's blood right, left and centre and all sorts of other vampire myth breakers, the second story in New Moon tells of how Bella falls for a Werewolf called Jacob and gets more drawn into the world of the werewolves. Man, she can't stay away from mythical beasts can she?

The third story tells how Bella has to choose between Edwards and Jacob, and that will be called Eclipse and is now a go according to Variety, except no word yet on who will be directing. Perhaps we'll have to wait until Weitz has proven himself.

I imagine that you're over the moon – pardon the pun – that the third novel is getting made into a film. I wonder how long it'll be before they announce the fourth?



i hope they end up makin the fourth film 'breaking dawn' also



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