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Clue remake for Verbinski

Clue.jpgIt hardly bears thinking about, but the next remake is for the 1985 comedy Clue, or rather it's an adaptation of the boardgame from the current Hasbro deal that has every board game that has even the vaguest whiff of a film story in it being made into a film.

What's more, and more unbelievable at that, is that Gore Verbinski is taking up the project. You know I would be more interesting in doing a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean than another Clue film to be quite frank, but maybe there's something in the adaptation that I'm missing.

A film has already been made of the game in 1985 that starred Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Eileen Brennan, Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean and Lesley Ann Warren and ended with that wonderful line...

“I'm gonna go home and sleep with my wife”

That Clue was great fun and had a lot of laughs, as well as the brilliant idea of the false endings, oh and a strong cast. We're now left to wonder what form the new film will take, will it copy the old format where we saw every suspect revealed as a potential killer until the false endings finally told us who the real murder was?

It has to end up as some investigative detective type film, after all that's what the game is all about. Clue, or Cluedo as some of us might know it better, is a board game that has the players trying to discover who the murderer was and what they used as the murder weapon, and no there's not a Horatio Nelson or Gil Grissom in sight.

The story from The Hollywood Reporter tells me something new about the original Clue that I never realised. When it was released to cinemas there were three different versions with three different endings that were distributed, so depending on which cinema you saw it in you might have seen a different ending.

I suspect that would have happened only in the U.S., but that might explain why there are so many false endings at the finale of the film, each could have been one of the cinematic release endings.

Anyway, Gore Verbinski making a boardgame into a film and\or remaking Clue. What do you think, is this spate of Hasbro game films really going to bring us something watchable? Is a remake of Clue going to work?



This is outrageous! The original was the best and nothing can top it!

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