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Watchmen court case settled?

Watchmen_Poster.jpgNow this is great news, although not entirely unexpected as Warner Bros. would have done anything possible to ensure that Watchmen met the release date and was seen by as many people as possible, however it looks like Watchmen may be out of the courts and onto the screens, although the court case may actually continue.

Interestingly though the court case won't actually be over just yet, even if the settlement has been reached. The question is will the film be released?

You see IESB is reporting that a "notice of settlement and request for further hearing" has been filed with the courts which states some very interesting news.

It seems that settlement talks have been in progress since December 29, that there are a few remaining settlement issues, and the most important thing:

Both parties, Fox and WB, are requesting a hearing on January 15 (today) at 3:30pm to report on the final resolution or alternatively to discuss how to proceed on January 20th.

So we're waiting to hear about that meeting, but from reading the title of the notice and the hints involved, it seems that Warner and Fox are very close to agreeing on a settlement and moving ahead with the release of Watchmen.

We're waiting, and watching.




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